Holiday Gifts for Your Health Obsessed Friend

Every blogger I know is coming out with a holiday gift guide for the Christmas season, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. But, in true Griffin fashion, I'm writing a gift guide for the health-obsessed friend or family member in your life because, let's be honest, these are all products I have or want! I've worked with a lot of really cool clean living brands this year, but I've chosen my top 10 products that I think would make incredible gifts for the foodie-fitness person in your life.

Clean Living

BeautyCounter Skincare: I've been raving about BeautyCounter all year long, but if you're in need of clean makeup, skincare, sunscreen, and more, there is no better place to go. My top products for gifts are the charcoal mask, the charcoal bar, anything from the new countermatch collection, and the sugar scrub. You can shop my BeautyCounter page here.  

Rootz Nutrition Paleo Protein Powder: Rootz has quickly become one of my favorite plant-based and paleo protein powders, and they make great-tasting pre and post workout supplements. For 10% off their products, use the coupon code "Griffin10".

Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer: All VP products are incredible, but their new collagen coffee creamer is hands-down my favorite product. If you're already a bulletproof coffee lover, this is a great way to froth up your coffee with collagen, coconut milk, and a smooth consistency. I buy the coconut flavor and usually combine mine with coconut oil, too. Shop here

Primally Pure Deodorant: While I get the majority of my clean body products from BeautyCounter, they have yet to make a deodorant, and I have been using Primally Pure's lemongrass scent all year. It actually works, I promise, and it smells amazing. Get it now

Organic Home

Avocado Green Pillows: I've been making a push to get more clean products for my home, and I'll be doing a full post soon about some home decor. One set of products I'll be sharing about are my new pillows from Avocado Green, and these nontoxic pillows are comfy and perfect. Shop here

My Green Mattress: I got a new mattress this year (finally) from My Green Mattress, and they also have a nontoxic mission and high-quality products. Their Natural Escape mattress is plush and springy, and you can take advantage of their Black Friday sale now

Airbiotics Home Cleaning: Airbiotics has a Black Friday sale that is wrapping up today, and they make nontoxic, all natural probiotic cleaners for your home! I have been using these since earlier this year, and I love them! There's no nasty scent left behind after you clean, and they have a product for every space in your home. Check them out


Sol and Selene Bags: I sell Sol and Selene in my Pure Barre studio, and I've been using my Motivator Backpack all year long. They are seriously my favorite line of workout bags and backpacks, and they are durable and spacious. You don't see them everyday, so you're not in danger of having the same bag as three of your friends. Shop here, or come to my studio, if you're local. 

Jord Wood Watches: I have one, I just got my husband one, and I think these are the classiest and coolest wood watches out there. I have a link for 25% off, which I'm sharing here, and this is a direct link to see the watch I got Ross for his birthday/anniversary!

Felix Gray Glasses: If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen me share about my amazing Felix Gray glasses, which block glare and blue light, preventing eye strain, headaches, and the damaging effects of blue light from our technology. They're not prescription, but they would make a great gift for yourself or someone else this holiday season! Check out their styles