Felix Gray - My Eyewear Obsession

When I was a kid, I used to go to the eye doctor and hope that they would decide that I needed glasses. My big sister wore glasses, and I just thought they were the coolest accessory. Unfortunately for me, my 20/20 vision never needed assistance. 

As I got older and spent countless hours reading and studying, the slight imperfections in my eyesight allowed me to get a pair of glasses that I could wear while doing schoolwork. I've always been lazy about wearing my glasses because I don't feel like they make a huge difference in preventing eye fatigue, but my new pair of Felix Grays has turned that around for me!

Felix Gray glasses are not prescription, but they are designed to prevent eye fatigue and block blue light. Blue light is a hormone disrupter, and it suppresses melatonin production, which helps us sleep. This light is everywhere - it radiates from our technology, and it makes it very difficult to transition from staring at your phone/computer/TV to a state of relaxation. 

With these glasses, you'll help eliminate headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and eye strain, without having to change your normal routine. I seriously love mine, and I find that I need my prescription glasses far less because these are keeping my eyes awake!

I ordered the Nash frame in black (my head is kind of small, and these were a perfect fit). These would be such a good gift for someone or for yourself! Not to mention, I now have an excuse to rock glasses for a style piece any time I feel like it. Win win.