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The Worst Phrase We Can Say to Each Other as Women

In this season, more than any other, I am constantly aware of how different my life looks from the lives of each of my friends. Truly, we are all in different places. Some are single and still navigating the dating scene, while others have been married throughout their entire adult lives. Some friends are patiently waiting for a baby, while others are celebrating birthdays and milestones for multiple children. I have friends with military spouses who are getting moved all over the world, and I have friends who have never moved away from their hometown. Each story is challenging, purposeful, and needed, but as women, we have a tendency to isolate ourselves because of our circumstances.

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Abundantly Clear

I’m currently sitting alone in my studio; the clicking of the keyboard and the flurries of snow outside are the only sounds I feel like I need to write this down. Tomorrow begins a new year, and for the third time, I’m picking a word to be my “theme” for the 365 days ahead. In 2017, my hardest year of the 26 I’ve lived, my words were trust and thrive, and I wrote a whole post about how that shook out here. I ended last year in lot of pain and confusion, with very little confidence that 2018 would turn a corner. And yet, the word I chose for 2018 was abundance.

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