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The Good, the Bad, and the Carbs of My First Trimester

Long before I even wanted to be pregnant, I’ve always enjoyed reading about other people’s pregnancy experiences and how their lives and habits changed because of them. I will say upfront that I do not write this point from the standpoint of being a medical professional, an expert on pregnancy (LOL), or anything of the like. I just wanted to share my first trimester with the world and answer your all’s most asked questions from my Instagram! So, here goes:

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Abundantly Clear

I’m currently sitting alone in my studio; the clicking of the keyboard and the flurries of snow outside are the only sounds I feel like I need to write this down. Tomorrow begins a new year, and for the third time, I’m picking a word to be my “theme” for the 365 days ahead. In 2017, my hardest year of the 26 I’ve lived, my words were trust and thrive, and I wrote a whole post about how that shook out here. I ended last year in lot of pain and confusion, with very little confidence that 2018 would turn a corner. And yet, the word I chose for 2018 was abundance.

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How to Become Someone Who Doesn't Quit

Teaching Pure Barre has taught me that there are 2 kinds of people in the world. There are people who drop out, and there are people who stay in it. Now, before you think I’m about to get up on my high horse about exercise, I will tell you the absolute truth - of course I have dropped out of exercises in Pure Barre before. My teachers know the ones I hate the most, and there are positions that are sure to have my leg hitting the ground if I’m not on my game. But, I’m not talking about having perfect form and endurance - I’m talking about becoming someone who fights for it.

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