Purely Elizabeth Granola

Granola is one of the most deceiving "healthy" foods. I have always loved a good granola or oatmeal, but when I began to really care about the ingredients in my food, I was so saddened to realize how many brands load up their products with sugar, artificial flavors, and more. Thankfully, after moving to Colorado, I found Purely Elizabeth, and my granola addiction was saved! 

This Boulder-based brand uses only the cleanest ingredients in their products, and they do not sacrifice one bit of flavor. When I tell you it's the only granola and oatmeal I buy, I am not exaggerating! All of their products are gluten free and non-GMO, and they use coconut sugar to sweeten, which has the lowest glycemic index. Plus, they even have grainless products, which is amazing for all my paleo people! Below, I'll show you a few of my favorite flavors:

Cranberry Pecan

The Cranberry Pecan Ancient Grain Granola stole my heart day one. I never leave the grocery store without this bag! I love to eat it with Fage Greek Yogurt and strawberries, sprinkled on my smoothies, or with almond milk and a banana. My husband eats it straight out of the bag, and I always get angry because I don't like to share!

Chocolate Sea Salt

If you want to feel like you're eating dessert for breakfast, look no further. The Chocolate Sea Salt Probiotic Granola is currently rivaling Cranberry Pecan in my book. It's a little bit salty, so I like to eat it with a banana, and the coolest part is that it actually includes probiotic cultures for digestive health. 

Coconut Cashew

The Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Granola is the coolest. This was one of the first breakfasts I had after a round of Whole30 because it is completely nut and seed based. I remember being really worried that it wouldn't have a good consistency, but it's genuinely magical. It doesn't crumble or fall apart the way any of the grainless granolas I've attempted to make do. I keep this one on hand for a pre/post workout snack on the regular. 

Mango Almond

So, I normally buy the Purely Elizabeth oatmeal, but I decided to switch it up and try the Mango Almond Ancient Grain Muesli. Essentially, muesli is a mix of uncooked oats, no oil or sweetener, and dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. I soaked it in almond milk overnight and topped it with strawberries. I ate it cold, and it was delicious! You can also bake this into cookies, and that's next on my agenda. 

Long story short - if you haven't tried Purely Elizabeth, you need to! Your taste buds and your body will thank you. 




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