Lash Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

On Monday, I gave myself a little Valentine's Day present and got my very first set of eyelash extensions! If you know me, I am not the makeup-wearing type during my daily life. I love to get dressed up on the weekends and go out to dinner, but my normal routine means that I'm constantly in and out of the studio, aka a lot of ponytails, sweat, and running around. 

Lash extensions were something I was always interested in, and I am so glad I got them done by someone incredible! Make sure you follow @jessbrandler.slpro on Instagram and check her out if you are a Colorado Springs local. If you are a first-timer like me, here are the things you need to know:

1. They take a LONG time! Be prepared to spend 2-3 hours getting your first set of extensions. Most people can sleep through their appointments, but I was just anxious and excited to see mine done! The extensions are attached to your actual lashes, rather than your skin like fake eyelashes you buy at the store, which is crazy to think about. 

2. Work with a pro. Jess, who did my lashes, was so knowledgeable about lash care and health. She gave me the full run down on why some extensions can go wrong and damage your lashes (yikes) and how to take care of your extensions easily!

3. Refills are necessary. Because our normal eyelashes shed, we lose extensions every day, and that's totally fine! Most refill appointments are 2-4 weeks, and they don't take nearly as long as your first set. 

4. No mascara needed! This is literally the best. If you live an active lifestyle like me, it is so comforting to know that my face will always look put together with no makeup on! The amount of time and effort these babies will save you is priceless. 

Ultimately, make sure you do your research, and remember that you don't have to have extensions forever! So many friends have had them during their wedding season or just for fun at one point or another, and it's a great beauty addition to try. 

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