Even My Sleep is Organic

I've told you a lot about switching to safer products this year. I've shared my love of Beauty Counter for makeup and skincare, and brands like Seventh Generation and Airbiotics for cleaning. But today, I'm going to tell you about the most important organic product that I chose when styling our guest bedroom - my mattress.

More specifically, My Green Mattress. I talked about this amazing company in my holiday gift blog, but having a non-toxic and comfortable mattress is so important. Seriously, you spend all of your sleeping time on this baby, and breathing in the nasty chemicals and treatments that are done on most mattresses is actually very gross when you think about it. Don't believe me? Check out the facts on My Green Mattress to learn more about why their products are the bomb. They are handmade in the USA and have been since 1995, so they're doing things right. I have the Natural Escape in a Queen Size, and it is so comfortable. Organic mattresses help fight things like allergies and eczema, as well, and it's well worth the investment. 

If you've been hesitant to pull the plug and get a new mattress, remember that a mushy, old mattress is doing a lot more than just making you uncomfortable at night. It's disturbing your sleep, which has a huge impact on your overall health, cortisol levels, and hormone regulation. More so, having a new, organic mattress, is going to improve your sleep habits and keep your body toxin-free.  

Below are some pictures from the home shoot I did with my photographer, Ashlee Kay, and I've credited the other brands and products I chose for the shoot below - discount codes are included!

  • Pillows: Avocado Green - use GriffinM20 for 20% off pillows!
  • Purple sweater and leggings: Prana - use APF17GH for 15% off.
  • White sweater: Woolly Threads
  • Bedding: Target and Wayfair
  • Bed: American Furniture Warehouse
  • Artwork: West Elm