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Loving My Work Less Than My Life

I’m in a weird season of entrepreneurship. Pregnancy will do that to you, I guess. In many ways, 2020 has been a year of record highs and big dreams realized. I opened my second studio, hit big goals in my first studio, made great hires that have allowed me to delegate and breathe, and grown the Pure Barre brand in Colorado Springs. It’s been a hard year, too. We’ve had a lot of new hires to make and a lot of transience, and I’ve battled the uncertainty and questions that always come alongside a new venture. But, in the big scheme of it all, there have been far more wins than losses. And yet, I’ve also never felt more disconnected from my businesses, and I know it all comes down to the currently 1 pound baby kicking me in my belly as I write this. It’s not that I love my work any less, I just think that God is preparing me to love something else more.

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How to Successfully Work with Your Friends...Even When Everyone Tells You Not To

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and I was warned at a young age not to do business with my friends. All the logic behind it makes sense. Friends and money don’t mix. Friends and the stress of work don’t mix. Who wants to boss around (or be bossed around by) their friends, after all? It opens up the door to heartache, difficult conversations, and the risk of splintered relationships that will never recover. But I also firmly believe that it can be done.

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