Nothing Falls Apart in a Day

Have you ever gone through a season of rejection? I'm not talking about one disappointment, I'm talking about a wave of never-ending "Nos". Last week was a week of "Nos" for me. I was literally averaging about three large rejections a day, no exaggeration intended. I guess the old adage, "When it rains it pours" holds more weight than I realized. In the midst of my less-than-enthusiastic response to the situation, an unlikely source spoke some words of wisdom into my thought process: "Nothing falls apart in a day."

If this phrase is thrown at you in the middle of a melt down, your first defense might be to say something like, "Well, you don't know my situation." I get it. That was my knee-jerk reaction, too. But the truth of the matter is, things change in a day; they can change in a millisecond. But, things don't fall apart in a day. They crumble, little by little, through a series of bad decisions, negative attitudes, and conflict avoidance.

The way you handle a crisis is more pivotal than the crisis itself. If you operate with the mindset that foundations can crumble at the smallest rejection, that has the power to undermine any ability you might have had to learn from the disappointment. Bad moments can stop you in your tracks, but it's your reaction that decides whether or not you stay stuck.

If you live life understanding that nothing can fall apart in a day, it allows you to take the bad news in stride. You know that what may appear to be a closed door is really just a piece of the puzzle, and you have the power to finish the picture. So, ask yourself, what kind of life do you want to live?