Guide to Colorado Springs: Coffee Shops

I have to admit, when I first moved to Colorado Springs, I was less than impressed. Yes, the mountains are gorgeous and people are friendly, but after leaving the culture of food, innovation, and excitement in Nashville, I wasn't sure how to wrap my 22-year-old brain around a town that was anything but trendy. 

I'm happy to report that, nearly three years later, the negative emotions I felt about this town are long gone, and I am a true convert. Sure, there are still things I'd like to see grow and flourish, and we have a lot of room to make improvements. However, my love for this place has grown for two main reasons: community and change, in both the town and me. No matter where you are, having great people around you makes a world of difference, and I'm thankful to have found that here through my studio, friends, and church. 

However, the main reason Colorado Springs was such a drag on the front end was because we had no idea where to go! I still remember one of the first times Ross and I visited COS and the hotel concierge said, "We aren't known for good restaurants here." That was like a knife to my heart. Thankfully, that man was wrong, and between the local friends I've made and exploring I've done, I feel confident in my list of recommendations. So today, we're talking the best coffee shops in town!

Coffee Shops

To some, this may seem like a silly first category, but I determine a city’s cool factor by it’s coffee shops. Thankfully, the Springs is really starting to boom in this area, and below, you will find a list of my favorites in no particular order:


Formerly known as Fifty-Fifty Coffee House, Switchback was the first COS coffee shop to steal my heart. This shop is nestled in a neighborhood spot on Institute, near downtown, and the eclectic decor mixed with the crafty food will make you feel right at home. My favorite thing to order is a hot almond milk latte and the vegan breakfast sandwich. They sell local gluten free pastries and always have fast wi-fi. 

Peak Place:

A friend of mine owns this perfect coffee shop off of North Academy, and I wish I had known about it years ago! One of the coolest things about Peak Place is that they roast their own coffee, have different rooms for “quiet” and “community”, and have a mostly Paleo menu! I love going here to work long hours or snag the couches for a big meeting. At night, they offer beer and wine, and they even do cool wine-tasting dinners and other special events. Plus, don’t miss the cool mural outside that will step up your Instagram game.

Loyal Coffee:

If you’ve been in Colorado Springs throughout the past 6 months, you have heard of Loyal Coffee, located downtown off of Nevada. This new venture has been booming since the doors opened, and it’s trendy from it’s rope ceiling down to the mosaic floors. They pride themselves for having delicious drinks and even cooler toast - seriously, do not miss the soft boiled egg or prosciutto and greens. Plus, if you’re local and follow my studio (@pbcosprings), we are going to be doing something pretty cool with them and Blue Dot Place in a couple of months - stay tuned!


Building3 is a new one on my radar, but I’ve only had good experiences in the couple of times that I’ve been there. I haven’t had any of their food yet, but I sampled a scone that was out of this world. The coffee is awesome, and it’s located in Lincoln Center, an old elementary school that has been revamped into a community center. They share the space with Red Point Cafe, fitness studios, a chiropractor, a brewery (coming soon), and more!  

The Principal’s Office:

Who doesn’t love a coffee shop that doubles as a cocktail bar? Ivywild Elementary has been one of the coolest spots since I moved here, and The Principal’s Office is a true anchor to the space, if you ask me. Like the new Lincoln Center, Ivywild houses a plethora of local businesses and restaurants, and The Principal’s Office is the perfect place to order a craft coffee drink or alcoholic beverage any hour of the day. You can hang out and work in the inside/outside seating or gather with friends around the bar at night.

So there you have it - start your week at a new, local coffee shop and explore the city!

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