3 Things All Great Entrepreneurs Do

Lewis Howes's podcast The School of Greatness is my newest obsession. If you're not listening to it, you should be, and if you're not on my email list, get on that because I always share my favorite podcast recommendations! Anyway, I have spent my drives and errands listening to him interview outstanding entrepreneurs and authors like Gretchen Rubin, Daymond John, Melissa Hartwig, and Gabby Bernstein, and I keep coming back to the fact that every great entrepreneur does the same three things. 

First, they evaluate.

I love listening to interviews because they are full of so much reflection, but great entrepreneurs don't just reflect on their big moments, they spend time in daily evaluations. Whether it's goal setting at the start of the day, meditating, or having a team huddle, every entrepreneur I admire is aware of the nuances of their business and their decisions. Everything they do is filtered through the lens of, "Does this bring me closer to what I want?" Because they aren't afraid to analyze their successes and their mistakes, they are constantly working to improve. 

Second, they prioritize their health.

How many entrepreneurs have you heard talk about getting to a place of burnout? It's an unfortunate trend - most of us have to work ourselves into the ground before we realize that the pace of life we've chosen is completely unsustainable. But, the best ones not only recover from burnout, they do so in a way that prioritizes their health and fitness. The greats understand that, for your work to be excellent, you need to care for your body through nutrition, fitness, and rest. Emotional health is an equally important piece of this equation; fit bodies and minds go together and improve one another. 

Third, they all fail.

Maybe you aren't privy to their biggest screw-ups, and maybe their failure doesn't look exactly like yours, but any business owner who is out there taking risks has failed at some point. This comes back to the evaluation piece, too. Businessmen and women look at their choices, even their big mistakes, and learn from their failures, sometimes more than their successes. Every great entrepreneurial journey is marked by high highs and low lows, and that's what keeps us captivated and encouraged to press on through the tough times. If you're not willing to put yourself out there and risk failure, this path isn't for you.

In fact, talking about the highs and lows is one of the main reasons I share my entrepreneurial story through this blog. I have learned the importance of being honest about the tough stuff because it shows others that I am human, and if I can do this, so can anyone else who works for it and takes the leap. I hope this encourages you because I love surrounding myself with great minds and learning from any resource I can get my hands on. What do you do to keep yourself motivated in business?