We Can See the Chip on Your Shoulder

Few of us are good at hiding our true feelings. When someone or something is getting under our skin, it tends to show up in all sorts of ugly ways. Maybe we start to redirect our conversations towards gossiping about the person, or we constantly try to one-up them at work. Maybe we even stop reacting when they tell us something exciting - a passive aggressive shrug becomes our means of communication. Regardless of where you've decided to "hide" the chip on your shoulder, I promise that everyone can see it clearly. The problem with unresolved frustration, warranted or not, is that it can't be contained. Additionally, most frustrations aren't isolated circumstances that only impact you and another person. Whether it be within your professional network or your circle of friends, everyone is going to feel the tension because group dynamics change when group members change.

It's impossible to maintain an emotionally healthy relationship or team if you aren't emotionally healthy. It sounds like common sense, but it's one of the easiest ways to destroy the culture of your workspace or social circle. We're relational beings, and we make a living and a life sharing space with those around us. If you've got a chip on your shoulder, no one is going to want to rub shoulders with you anymore.

Unless you live in isolation, your problem is never really "yours". Stop shrugging and start fixing.