about griffin

My entrepreneurial story started as an 18 year old, torn between pursuing musical theater or stepping into an unknown career field. The performer in me didn't know how to give up my lifelong passion, but the realist inside my head knew it wasn't my calling. 

During my time in undergrad at Belmont University in Nashville, I switched my vocal major to Business Marketing + Organizational Leadership, which opened doors for me to work with a variety of start up businesses in the entrepreneurial scene. At the time, I was also working at Pure Barre Nashville, and I could feel the wheels in my head turning.

By an act of God and a whole lot of "fake it til you make it", I opened Pure Barre Colorado Springs at age 22, fresh out of college and newly married to my one and only boyfriend. We moved across the country to chase this dream, and can I be honest with you?

For the first couple of years, I hated it.

I felt trapped in this new role, constantly torn between wanting to invest in community (but still make $$$), and scared to branch out. It's taken me years and a lot of pivots to realize that entrepreneurs all walk different paths but ride the same emotional roller coaster, and none of us are in it alone. That's why sharing business resources, promoting health and balance, and telling great stories keep me inspired on a daily basis. 

I hope this platform lights you up and helps you dig deep into the story you want to tell. And if you're not there yet, just know that your narrative is never defined by a single chapter. We've all got more growing to do.